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Break Through Limiting Beliefs

We all have an inner voice that, at times, reminds us about the things that we can’t do. However, in reality, the voice is wrong. Any person, from any background, at any age can do anything they want.

Discover New Strengths Within Yourself

As we go through life, we create patterns of behaviour….habits basically. Some habits create blindspots. They prevent us from seeing what our real potential is.

Create New Paths To Your Future

All great coaches ask great questions. Those questions uncover what you want in the future. Together we work out a plan of action to transform your life and get the results you want.

The Size of our Smallest Client's Workforce

The Size of our Biggest Client's Workforce

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What Are Clients Saying About My Coaching?

“Working with Nik on the values of the Surrey Chambers team has been brilliant. He not only facilitated us to come up with a great set of values but enabled us to work together productively as a team. He kept the energy levels high and made sure that we achieved what we said we were going to achieve. Thank you Nik. Everyone should have a values session with you.” Louise Punter

CEO, Surrey Chambers of Commerce

“It is a true pleasure to work alongside Nik. His approach to coaching is professional, supportive and thoughtful. Nik takes a genuinely collaborative approach to his work, and has high levels of emotional intelligence and integrity. He has an insightful understanding of the challenges faced by clients and is committed to achieving results. I would not hesitate to recommend him to both individual and business clients.” Jenny Oklikah

Business Founder, London Wellness Centre

“Nik has helped me uncover what my strategic next steps need to be to take me to the next level. I really appreciate how he genuinely listens, enabling him to gently probe. I feel the fact that Nik is not only a coach but also runs his own successful business makes a big difference in a 1-2-1 setting or for group work (I have seen Nik present very effectively in front of a large audience).
I would without reservation not hesitate to highly recommend Nik as a business coach to anyone who is serious about taking their career to the next level.” Neil Bradshaw

Freelancer, Tableau Specialist

Some of the companies I’ve worked with over the years…

If you're searching online for "life coaching near me"...

…I’m based in Reigate, Surrey and service the London Area, Surrey and Sussex. As a Business, as well as a Life Coach, I know just how important this service is to some people so I’m really happy to travel to most parts of the South East of England as well.

For Organisational Coaching I can also, very easily, hop on a plane and travel overseas having been to Rome, Paris, Marrakech, Geneva and Southern Spain on work projects in the last few months alone.


Free 30-Minute Exploratory Coaching Session

To see if Business or Life Coaching is for you, I offer a free 30-minute coaching session via the phone (or preferably on Skype / Google Hangouts / Zoom etc.). The session is normally worth £125 and I offer it to you for absolutely free.
Discover how being coached can unlock your hidden potential

Discover how being coached can unlock your hidden potential

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