As well as being a coach, I’m also MD of a Live Events and Video Production Agency.

So how does Coaching and Events / Video blend together?

Very simply. Events are where you gather an audience together and video is where you communicate to a large group of people, so, the common denominator therefore between coaching, events and video is…..people.

There are incredible opportunities through events and video to use my NLP*, Language and Behaviour Profiling** and mBIT*** techniques, especially when I have the ability to work with a client to communicate to a large group of people.

*NLP, in simple terms is a set of tools, techniques and strategies to better understand other people, improve relationships, and model best practise.

** Language and Behaviour Profiling is, again, tools,  techniques and strategies to help us understand some of the motivators driving other people. We tend to let them come out through the choice of words that we use. As a trained LAB Profiler, we can decode these words so that we can change our own behaviour to improve the relationship with the other person.

***mBIT stands for Multiple Brain Integration Techniques. Neuroscience has proven that we have 3 separate “intelligences” in our body. Our head, heart and gut. Our heart and gut “brains” send signals to our head brain that influence our behaviour and decision making. There are powerful coaching techniques to help clients listen better to their heart and their gut brains. In doing so, it can dramatically improve decision-making processes and help them live a more balanced, authentic and aligned life. I’ve recorded a video explaining what mBIT is at the bottom of this page.

 Events and video provide us, (whilst working on our clients’ projects), with and opportunity to shift perceptions, elevate hearts and minds and show the true power and energy of having people collaborate face-to-face or via video.

Here are two videos to show you where we used my coaching background to heavily influence the “human” messages coming through these three videos.

Example 1: Telling a very human story:

In this video we brought the human side of the organisation to life by showing them how much it meant to them having Bill and Martin in their workforce. A truly heart-warming story that had everyone, client and film crew alike, shedding the odd tear during production:

Example 2: Showing the person “behind the uniform”:

When we go to work, there is a tendency, in many organisations around the world, to “surface act”. This is where we hold back a little bit of our personality as a form of self-protection. Often, perhaps having at some point in the past being been made to feel unappreciated or, even worse, being metaphorically smacked-down by a boss or line manager, often we hold back a little bit of our personality especially when sharing our thoughts, ideas and contributions. It’s just because we can feel vulnerable in certain work situations. Here is a video showing Ed, one of our own team, and what drives him inside (and outside) of work.

So, that’s video, what about events?:

This is where the real magic can happen.

An image from one of our events in 2006 which I still, 11 years later, recall vividly due to the high levels of energy in the room

By being in a live environment, such as an annual conference, it allows us to build rapport in a way that just can’t fully be done using video as the method of communicating.

When face-to-face with your colleagues it’s a dynamic process. You can spark off each other by reading and responding to the verbal and non-verbal cues that we all, automatically give out, when we are in any conversation with another human being.

We get the chance to ask profound and thought-provoking questions, and the opportunity to build upon the other person’s answer. This is where true dialogue happens. We have the chance to be silent at those key moments when it is clear that the other person is processing and articulating a great idea. We can use the event to build levels of trust, to actively seek out opportunities to suspend our own judgements and open our ears and our hearts to the opinions of other people. All this simply can’t be done with as much effect through video and that is why live events are probably THE biggest way of influencing behaviour in pursuit of your company’s strategic goals. Video is one-way communication but live events is two way. So video has it’s place and is an incredibly powerful communications tool if produced correctly, but events is where the biggest opportunity lies.

In short, as a coach, talking from the heart, nothing pains me more than seeing people in the audience sat on their backsides all day. It’s such a wasted opportunity.

As we always say to all the presenters we work with. If you want a bunch of people to do something that you want them to do, you have to make your event all about your audience. They are the hero. Not the person on stage. So, the more interactive the event and the more you use it to listen to your audience, the more effective it will be.

And finally………

Here is a short video of me explaining what mBIT is:

What is mBIT (Multiple Brain Integration Techniques):

For more information on how I can use my coaching skills on your live event, video or ongoing learning and development programme, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Discover how being coached can unlock your hidden potential

Discover how being coached can unlock your hidden potential

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