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On this page we go beyond the standard blog.

The contents of this page have been purposefully put together to be used as a source of knowledge. A one-stop resource, if you like, should you want to find out more about coaching or, if you want to discover more about the benefits of being coached and how it can have an impact on your life.

We have partnered with up with The Academy of Coaching and Training to bring you exciting online courses, live courses, weekend retreats where you can learn all about building your own successful coaching business, ebooks, podcasts……the list goes on.

We hope you enjoy this page and discover more about coaching…and yourself.

New For 2019:

Weight Loss Self-Coaching Online Course

We’re massively excited to tell you about our brand new online self-help, self-coaching course to help empower you to lose weight simply by keeping motivated to stick with your chosen diet.

In the course you’ll find 72 individual modules showing you transformational tips, techniques and exercises to get your mind focussed on losing that weight once and for all.

Click Here:

Values: An Interview With Steve Payne On The Importance Of Values

I work a lot with organisations and one of the biggest areas of my work revolves around Corporate Values. After a recent training session I grabbed Steve Payne and asked him a few questions about the importance of values.

Negotiation Skills: A Podcast With Simon Horton. One Of The UK's Leading Authorities On Negotiation Skills

Simon visited our offices to shoot a series of online learning videos (watch this space….they’re in production) and whilst we had the luxury of having him with us, we asked him a few questions about how you can become a better negotiator. Steve Payne, our esteemed colleague, who heads up The Academy of Coaching and Training, interviewed Simon.

Podcast with Simon Horton

by Steve Payne, NLP Master Trainer

Learn How To Set Up Your Own Successful Coaching Business

We’re finalising our latest course and securing a Villa in the beautiful, relaxing resort of Marbella, Spain. Imagine learning how to set up your successful coaching business set against such a beautiful backdrop. New for 2019. Maximum number of delegates will be 8. Book early.

Business Retreat In Marbella - 2018 dates released in...








Relationship Building: How To Get Better Results In Life By Better Understanding Other People

This video is taken from our Bestselling Online Coaching Course. In the video Steve explains what Perceptual Positions are and how, if embraced, they can get you much better results in life by teaching you the skills to get on better with other people and get what you both want from any given situation. I use Perceptual Positions in almost every single client coaching session, such is the power of understanding and embracing them.

Online Coaching Course: Our Bestselling Online Coaching Course

We are delighted to bring you this Udemy Bestselling Course, (with a 4.8 out of 5 star rating by our valued students), titled Life and Business Coaching Skills Certification. The course gives you a fantastic, indepth understanding of the key coaching techniques and disciplines. The course is for anyone involved in Management or wishing to become a coach. In fact the skills taught can also benefit absolutely anyone (parents, leaders, family members…etc.)

Relationship Building: Personal Growth In Relationships

It stands to reason that if the quality of our relationships is strong then, generally, we will attract better results in life. This video shows just how deep this argument goes. It’s a fascinating video that raises the argument that people will resist illness and improve their chance of survival after an operation if they have a better relationship with their Doctor. Imagine the knock-on effects of this philosophy if more and more people adopted it in life? In the workplace, as a parent, a leader, a social worker, a teacher etc. etc. Imagine the results the human race would start having and the amount of personal growth individuals would see in their lives if they adopted a more progressive mindset towards building strong relationships with other people.

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Discover how being coached can unlock your hidden potential

Discover how being coached can unlock your hidden potential

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