We don’t just have one brain. We have three!

Neuroscience has now proven that we have have three brains. Our head brain (no surprise there), but we also have neural networks in our heart and our gut. Neural networks are part of what makes up a physical brain so the mere existence of them in your heart and gut proves that they are, themselves, physical brains.

When you are feeling madly in love, let’s say, you feel it in your heart. That’s your heart brain communicating with the cranial brain. When you feel nervous, you feel it in your gut. That’s your gut brain talking.

When we feel out of alignment with ourselves, in an “odd”place, or not feeling that something is right, it usually points to your three brains being out of synch with each other with one of them being more prominent. Have you ever met anyone who doesn’t want to get into a relationship because they got so badly hurt the last time? Well that’s a great example of their heart brain being too much in control and over-riding the logic that our head brain is used for.

There now exists a new methodology and new series of coaching techniques that can help get your three brains back in alignment in order that you can make clearer and more coherent decisions. It’s called mBit (Multiple Brain Integration Techniques) and it’s exciting stuff. In this short video I give you an insight into how we are starting to use the techniques in our coaching work.

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Discover how being coached can unlock your hidden potential

Discover how being coached can unlock your hidden potential

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