It’s a well-known phrase that a leopard can’t change its spots but its simply not true.

The phrase itself implies that it’s impossible to change. That just isn’t correct.

Scientifically there exists something called Neoroplasticity. It’s an exciting discovery that shows how the brain can adapt and develop by putting yourself in a new environment where new habits can be formed over time.  Over time the brain creates new “pathways” and these strengthen the more the more you work the pathway; a little bit like a muscle does with regular exercise, or a path emerges across a woodland the more feet trample the grass down. These new pathways become so strong that the behaviour associated with it becomes second nature ….and a new habit is formed.

Check out this video to see Neuroplasticity explained:

Often, as research would indicate, the ability to change usually comes about when someone “wants” to do something rather than knowing that they “should”.

Take stopping smoking for instance. Many smokers know they “should” quit but to break through the additive nature of cigarettes, those who succeed most often have the word “want” in their vocabulary. Have you, for instance, been a smoker in the past? How did you quit? Did you quit when you had a scare? When your first child came along? Did you have a friend quit and you felt that you too could do it?

Whatever the motivation, the power of “want” combined with the knowledge that Neuroplasticity exists proves that true change and new habits can happen.

What we do in the world of business coaching is help a client to identify their goals and the obstacles, or patterns of behaviour (i.e. habit) standing in the way. We work together to identify new avenues to take, new environments to put yourself in, new people to surround yourself with, new behaviours to adopt…..all of which creates new pathways in the brain, much as you will have seen in the video above.

I’d love to show you how I can help, so why not book yourself in for a free 30-minute telephone session with me and discover what it takes to create new pathways in your brain?

All the best, Nik.

Discover how being coached can unlock your hidden potential

Discover how being coached can unlock your hidden potential

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